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Toy Box Blast Mania

Toy Box Blast Mania is a Top Chart App Toy Blast Inspired Template, relaunched on Sellmyapp with a more smooth gameplay & enhanced features. 
● Developed in Unity, required version Unity 5.5
● Amazing graphics and Gameplay Inspired by Toy Blast
● Well Monetized Template 
● Cross Platform Template for iOS & Android
● All kinds of beautiful toys; cars, rockets, stuffed toys and many more…
● 200 levels with exciting puzzles
● Admob Interstitial Ads 
● Chartboost Interstitial Ads 
● IAP purchases 
● Rewarded Videos Chartboost 
● Numerous boosters
● Get Extra Lives by watching Rewarded Video Ads
● Unlimited Retries to play a level
● Gamecenter Integration
● Sounds & Vocal Sounds
● Share your achievements on Facebook
● Free Updates with exciting new puzzles every week
● Easy Template to Reskin 

Happy Glass - Draw Lines

Happy Glass – Draw Lines is New Draw Line Puzzle game. The glass is sad because it’s empty. Your job is to draw a line to make the glass filled up with liquid and smile again!
- 100 Levels with more coming soon!
- Fun and relaxing theme that will make you stay for quite some time!
- Simple, smart and fun puzzles but can be challenging too!
- Dynamic Mechanism. Draw lines freely to complete levels!
- Simple Code.
- Easy to reskin.
- Easy to modify.
- Easy to add levels.
- AdMob Integrated.
- Made and Supports Unity 2018.

Candy Farm

a simple game, Candy Farm is the game included in the harvesters, the candies and the candy producing. You will play a role of a harvester to make and pack the sweet candy.

- For an easy reskin
- documentation includes this information:
How to build source code (build android, ios)?
How to used free gold?
How to reskin sound and image?
How to set up the levels?
How to integrate Admob, Vungle, Tapjoy?
Free Download

Boxing Starter Kit

Boxing Starter Kit

- real boxer models!
- Boxer glove, short models.
- Boxing ring model.
- Improved punching dynamics.
- Improved walking system.
- Different stats.
- Many bug fixes and optimisations.
- AI improvements.
- Positional damage
- Customisable boxer.
- Boxing simulation.

Mom Newborn Baby - 2D

The fresh hit on the stores in the Kids Category Games these days are the Newborn Baby Games with massive amount of downloads.
- Made in Unity 2D - can be exported to all stores Unity Supports
- The code is compatible with Unity 5;
- Coded in C# Language;
- You do not need Unity Pro for this code;
- iOS 64 bit compatible;
- iOS 8 and Android Lollipop Compatible;
- Child-friendly game play;
- Smart Rate button;
- Sound OFF/ON button;
- Wonderful effects and animations;
- Free Royality Free Sound and FX;
- Changing the features of the project is easy!

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is 2D arcade action castle defense game. In game goal is to protect castle from waves of enemies, there are upgrades and hero variety in game that make game interesting and involve user to play more.
Game is made in Unity so export for Android and IOS devices is ready to go!
- Fast pace addicting game
- Adrenaline (fast reflexes required)
- Our own soundtracks
- Easy integration and reskining
- UnityIAP, UnityADS integrated (In app purchases & rewarded video)
- Export to store ready.

Girl Dress Up Salon Dish Washing

You can create new combinations and looks by changing the girl's tops, dresses, bottoms, hairstyles, shoes, hats, earrings, necklaces and jewellery and much, much more. Play with your girl friends and see who creates the most fashionable and trendy Princess Girl.
- Dress up, dish washing and painting all in one game. You can separate them and upload as separate games also.
- 100% Native 2D Code with new UI System Introduced in Unity 4.6
- Code Ready for iOS and Android
- iOS 6, 7 and 8 Supported
- Android 2.3.1 and above Supported
- Separate pngs for each item Added (easy to replace)
- Same font used with different sizes
- Optimised Particle effects used
- Optimised Sprite Packing used to improve performance
- Chartboost, AppLovin, Unity Ads and Admob added
- Static Interstitial, Video Interstitial and Rewarded Video Ads to unload most of the items
- Code written in C#

Toy Claw Arcade Level Game

The little puzzle game based on the TOY CLAW arcade theme, which kids area crazy about. This game is targeted towards kids, and has about 20 levels.
- 20 Levels
- Multiple Elements in Levels: The game has elements like Magnet, Static Balls, Moveable Boxes to make the levels interesting
- Star Rating: 3 Star rating to be achieved after every level
- Interactive Menu Screen
- Made with Unity Free: You do NOT need PRO license for this code.
- Android + IOS : Simply switch the code to either Android or IOS and all related plugins would get active
- Multi Device and Multi Platform: Since the game has been made in Unity, you can upload it on all App Stores Unity Supports. Also the gameplay has been tested on Android/ Apple Phone Devices and Tablets.

- Free Royalty free music included: Music can be re-used as it is free for commercial use and distribution.
- Easy to Reskin: Change to any theme you wish easily by simply changing the 2D images.
- Rating Pop Up: Smart Rating pop up to promote higher ratings by users.
- Coded in C#
- 64 Bit Compatible
- The project works well on Unity 5

King pyramid thieves

It’s an addictive game. it’ll make you want to break your phone.
- Cross promotion.
- In-app purchase for both Google Play and App Store.
- Admob banner and interstitial.
- Google Analytics for both Android and iOS.
- Share screenshot on Facebook and other site.
- Level editor tool works on both PC and your phone. That means you can create a new level anywhere, the level data will send to a specific email of your choice.

Mountain Army Sniper Shooter

The perfect Army sniper game. This is a killer action packed game with 5 big missions divided to 10 levels for each mission. a total of 50 unique missions to test your sniping skills. Be careful the game is not easy! you will need to react fast and the game boost your players Adrenalin.

  • 5 different environments
  • 50 levels
  • Smooth camera rotation
  • Really challenging missions
  • Admob ads Ready for iOS & Android

Super Spy Cat

This is your chance to get your hands on a highly polished full power cool action shootout game. Super Spy Cats 2016 is an awesome game full of fun.
Games built 4 maps, so to play a new map to complete the proposed level!
- 40 table games in different places.
- Maximum capacity reduction without easily integrate data on all models. # Daily gifts to the rich gift pack (corresponding to 14 gifts for 14 days)
- 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Nightmare)
- 8 levels each
- 5 maps attached map 2 level boss fight and Super Boos at each map.
- 13 weapons, different fighting
- 8 items

- 13 character costumes, wholesale costume brings different strengths.
- 55 different Achievements
- Easily connect facebook
- Easy to integrate different types of advertising : vungle, admob, chartboots, tapjoy.

+60 Unity3D Complete projects | Gift

+60 Unity3D Templates

Anti Cheat, Tower Defense, Car Sample, Fruit Ninja Clone, Cover Animation, Fight Game, City System, Destruction System, Vehicle Psysics, Bike Psychic, 2.5D Platformer, Infini Grass, Lobby System, Park our, Login Pro, War Fighter Ai, RPG, Running Game, Messenger, VKfor Mobile, Pixel Bounce, 2D Shadow Rally, Balance Game, 8Pool Multiplayer, CSGO Sound Board, Basketball, ZigZag, Bike Attack Race, Flappy Bird Clone, 2D Box Stack, Bubble Shooter, Cake Mania, Creeper Jumper, City Car Driver, Highway, Bubble Game, Football Word, Head Soccer, Micro Machine, FPS GAME, King of Racing, Picture Quiz, Rider, Roll the Ball, Speed for Beat, Super Mario Clone, Stack, Racing Game, Hill Climb, Counter Strike, FPS Kit, V-Car Kit, Tank Kit, 3D Infinite Run, Ship Game, War Defenders, Space Game...

Free Download [Size: 4 GB]

House Cleaning

Looking for cleaning games with lots of levels and rooms to clean? Our game is a real palace that needs a thorough cleaning!
- 8 different rooms to clean from floor to ceiling: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, makeup room and a special surprise room!
- Tidy up the room before the time runs out – you’ll have a limited amount of time to place everything back to its place, as well as take out the trash, scrub any stains and remove the dust!
- If you get stuck and don’t know what to do next, you can press the hint button and see what the room should look like!
- There are more than 20 room cleaning tasks to complete in each room!
- You will develop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination by playing our “clean up house games”!
- AdMob and Unity Ads integrated.
- Rate integrated.

Mr. Dubstep - 2.5D arcade runner

there are +15 amazing and creative levels on the way, each with different generated worlds that will keep you interested and endless level aside.
- More than 15 amazing levels to unlock.
- Earn diamonds and spend them on store to buy new players.
- Play with different players, each of them has a different power
- Robot - Shoots clones.
- Evil Robot - Blasts a Beam ray.
- Eye - Spawns clones.
- Smiley - receives an extra life.
- Alien - Calls a Ufo.
- Zombie - Uses shield.
- Skull - goes into Slow Motion.
- Chartboost ads Integrated and ready to use.
- Mobile controls setup, PC input aswell.
- Intense gameplay with many different situations.
- Amazing effects.
- Colorful graphics.

Merge Plane

Ever wanted to be a captain? Ever wanted to be an air giant? Take control of your very own parking apron and airline.

- 12 well-made planes.
- In-app purchase to buy rubies.
- Easy to build on multiple platforms.
- Admob integrated (banner, interstitial, rewarded video)
- Unity 2018.2.4 or higher.

ASTS Samurai Warriors

The story of a samurai legend circulated hundreds of years has been reproduced in the mobile game – ASTA. When you fight for belief and reason, no power can stop you. Descended from a wandering warrior during the turbulent war. Arashin joins the Yakuza organization to saving his country.

– Journey through three different worlds (and more) in this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive, intriguing storyline.
– Easy to control movement with great 3D animation.
– Discover the beauty of high quality graphics.
– Challenge yourself with tough battles.

Dragon ball – Saiyan Battle

Dragon ball – Saiyan Battle is a 2D action-fighting game and running game for mobile platforms A legend character of our Childhood Dragon Ball’s games succeed to join indispensable list of game fighters. As you know, while Son Goku searching dragon balls, he discovers the world and he encounters with lots of difficulties.
Full Unity source code especially for Google Play and android third party app stores.
Nice graphic and easy Reskin
Incredibly simple and addictive gameplay.
Easy touch control.
Special and captivating game sound.
Video Ads from Unity api.

Helicopter Master

Amazing helicopter shooter game full of action! Fly in the sky with your favourite helicopter fighting for your survival against enemy air planes.

– Straightforward, but challenging gameplay
– Dozens of weapons and aircraft upgrades
– Intense and exciting Boss fights
– Game changing power-ups
– Stunning levels and awesome artwork
– Admob interestitial.

Car Wash Salon

Car wash template with several mini games related to car cleaning, washing and decorating. Simple but interesting gameplay and great visuals.

- Daily Reward
- 3 power ups(Auto-hint, Coin Magnet, CustomerHappyTime)
- 22 different vehicles
- Auto-unlock new cars
- AdMob.
- Rate integrated.

Birds Coloring

Birds Coloring is a cash cow! It has tremendous monetization potential and with its colorful graphics and unique gameplay, attracts kids of all ages. the graphics and user interface is completely unique and made with the target audience in mind.

Features :
- All aspects of the Game have been Included
- Easy to Modify and Change Parameters
- Cross Platform (iOS, Android, Windows, WebGL, HTML5, Windows, MAC)
- HTML5 SUPPORT (First Time Ever)
- Very Easy to Reskin
- Unique Graphics
- Completely Unique User Interface
- High Definition Graphics
- iOS Optimization: iOS 8 & 64-bit Support (IL2CPP)
- iOS Devices: Works on iOS 4S, 5, 6 and 6 Plus
- Android 4.0+ Supported
- Animations and Particle Effects
- Fully Integrated Sounds and Music.
- Optimized for Mobile Devices.
- Well Structured/Commented Code in C#.