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Quick Ads plugin

Quick Ads is easy to use and simple instrument that will save your time for downloading and integration of advertising services. It guarantees maximum profit with minimum effort. 

We created Quick Ads so every user can install, customize and launch a monetization program for the game just within a few minutes. 
Check our quick video tutorial and estimate how simple and convenient is the work with our plugin.

Plus Networking - Play Games Services

- Supports Google's Free Play Services Plugin of Github 
- Supports Android native Plugin of Stan's Asset 
- Unity Personal & PRO 5 ready
- Using Google Play Real Time Multiplayer
- Network - Spawning, Identity, Transform, Method Calls
- Setup in 5 minutes - All ready to drop components
- No CCU limitation problem
- All open C# code
- Well Documented.

Octave3D-Level Design


- it is now possible to project a Block onto mesh and terrain objects.
- it is now possible to  perform vertex snapping in selection mode just as you can do in placement mode.
- it is now possible to snap the grid using the T key in object selection mode.
- select active object group.
- object 2 object snapping is now faster when snapping hierarchies.
- it is now possible to specify the maximum size of a Block.
- it is now possible to assign selected objects to object groups.
- the placement guide will now initially start off with the rotation of the prefab from which it was spawned. This happens only the first time a prefab is activated.
- implemented "Remove" button to remove an object group without destroying the associated game object from the scene.
- improved object picking for overlapped thin objects (floors and ceilings for example).

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