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2 icon templates PSD

2 icon templates PSD - Free Download

Mobile Cartoon GUI #2

Мобильный графический интерфейс с более чем 100 элементами высокого качества. Атласы готовы ускорить процесс разработки и дать профессиональный вид. Его стиль позволяет использовать его в различных играх.

Mobile friendly GUI skin with more than 100 high quality elements. Atlases are ready for speeding up your development process and give a professional look. Its style allows you to use it in various games.
- 5 color themes
- Prefabs for GUI element
- Atlases ready to be used with NGUI and DFGUI
- Sliced elements for window, button and more
- 46 buttons and icons
- Font included
- NGUI example scene included.

Farm Game 2D Pack

- 8 Животные: корова, овца, лошадь, коза, свиньи, собака, кошка, цыпленок - каждое животное с уникальными анимациями - ходьба, праздность, сидение - также у многих животных есть специальные анимации, когда они «делаются» и ждут, чтобы их собирали. Анимированные в Unity с помощью Macanim. Вы можете добавить свои собственные анимации, если хотите.
- 5 Значки продуктов для животных
- 27 ферм-реквизит - Дороги, заборы, заборы, пруд и т. Д.
- 15 овощей - каждый с 3 стадиями зрелости (семена, взрослые, зрелые). У каждого овоща есть иконка.
- 5 деревьев - с 6 видами фруктов. 2 этапа (цветущие, зрелые). У каждого плода есть иконка.
- 3 куста - с 5 видами фруктов. 2 этапа (цветущие, зрелые). У каждого плода есть иконка.
- 2 поля - с и без травы.
- 1. История
- 153 графических активов.

- 8 Animals: Cow,Sheep,Horse,Goat,Pig,Dog,Cat,Chicken - Each animal with unique animations - walking,idle,sitting - also many animals have special animations when they are "done" and waiting to be harvested. Animated in Unity using Macanim. You can add your own animations if you wish.
- 5 Animal product icons
- 27 Farm props: Roads,Fences,Bences,Pond, etc.
- 15 Vegetables: Each with 3 stages of maturity. Each vegetable has its own Icon also.
- 5 Trees : With 6 types of Fruit. 2 stages ( blooming, mature). Each fruit has its own Icon also.
- 3 Bushes: With 5 types of Fruit. 2 stages. Each fruit has its own Icon also. 
- 2 Fields: With and without grass.
- 1 Background
- 153 Graphic Assets Total.

GUI Kit Cartoon Military

> Requires Unity 5.3.1 or  higher.
- 252 Sources as PNG
- There is a PSD original source.
- FONT is not due to copyright.

How to Download?

Free Download

Game Character Sprite 07

Nimble Boy spritesheet for side scrolling action adventure endless runner 2D mobile game.
The files included:
- Customizable Nimble Boy character spritesheet.
- Vector AICS and EPS10 files.
- Transparent PNG files.
- Animated GIF file samples.

Adventure Game Ui

All in vectors format (Resizable) 
Complete set of graphical user interface (GUI) to build 2D video games. 
Available file format: AI + Eps 8 + Eps 10 + Pdf 
Font Used: (You Possible change for any other font. No restriction to change numbers, words etc.)


- 18 tiles
- 14 objects & decorations
- Scrolling background
- File formats: CorelDraw .cdr, Illustrator .ai, EPS, SVG, and 128x128 px PNG files.

Free Download

Sprite Character - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

Hero of Animation Serie OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes
Available Now on multiple animation sprite.

Halloween icon

Halloween icon - Free Download

Cartoon PRO GUI

All you need for building amazing GUI
Optimised for MOBILE, DESKTOP and TV
* SD, HD and FULL HD textures
* 5 color variants
* Three sizes
* 9 slice ready
* Social buttons
* Visually documented

150+ Fantasy Spells Icon Pack

>> Requires Unity 4.5.4 or higher. <<

This package includes over 150 icons specifically for your fantasy genre game. Perfect for RPGs and MOBAs. This package includes the following: 

- 150+ icons for spells, melee attacks, ranged attacks, buffs, debuffs, and other miscellaneous icons. 
- 15+ Unique Frames to better customize how you would like each icon to be showcased in your game. 
- Dynamic Icons including a Normal, Cooldown, Unavailable, Mouse Hover, and Clicked version for each icon. 
- Each icon comes with a 64x64 and 128x128 version.