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Trading Card Game

This pack contains all from card of various rarity to spells,UI and enemies/heroes. Perfect pack if you plan to make mobile TCG!
Pack consist of:
-31 creatures/heroes icons
-49 spell icons
-13 various card backgrounds
-47 UI elements & icons.

免费产品,但是 版权归管理员和作者所有,如果您使用它,请务必访问官方网站

EasyRoads3D Pro v3

- Winding roads or dirt paths in scenic environments and complex city road networks.
- Built-in customizable crossings
- Custom crossings - import your own crossing models
- Side Objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, etc.
- Custom shapes for other infrastructures like railroads and rivers
- Terrains conformed to the road shape
- Road data import for real world visualization (OSM/KML)
- Scripting API: road creation through code both in the Unity editor as at runtime.

免费产品,但是 版权归管理员和作者所有,如果您使用它,请务必访问官方网站

PolyWorld: Woodland Low Poly - Toolkit

Polyworld: Woodland Toolkit is the defacto standard suite of tools and 3D artwork to create a flat-shaded, lowpoly world inside Unity.

There will be imitators, but no other pack in the store offers what PolyWorld can do.

-Create your world using the familiar Unity Terrain tools and heightfields, paint infinite terrain textures, then convert that to a low poly, Polyworld terrain.
-Convert any mesh, even characters, to the PolyWorld style. Any 3d object in the asset store can be used! *blendshapes not supported yet
-Includes a vast array of prefabs and meshes in the same low poly art style.
-14 faceted skyboxes with associated ambient cubemaps give you a variety of lighting conditions.
-Powerful mesh combine script to reduce draw calls for mobile
-Desktop and Mobile demo scenes!

Top - Down City - Asset v1.2

This pack is the third in a "Top - Down" series . Prefabs are also prepared to another camera view (first or third person). Assets can be used on mobile devices too.

Package contains over 200 prefabs: 
- 23 buildings
- over 100 addons (such as cargo, lamps, trees etc.)
- 7 rocks
- 6 grounds
- 3 Demo levels
- particles, flock of seagulls simulator
- materials and meshes optimized for mobile devices.

Weapon Pack: Assault Rifles

- 5 AAA modern artillery inspired assault rifles
- Allegorithmic Substance Textures
- 3 LOD (level of detail) states 
- 8 attachments
- Tons of variations to mix and match
- 3 Magazines to use as props and pickups
- Complete Support & Documentation.

Technical Detail: 
Asset List: 
5 Assault Rifles + LODs 
8 Attachments which work across all weapons 
Holo Scope
Red Dot Scope
Sniper Scope
Iron Sights.