Toy Box Blast Mania

Toy Box Blast Mania is a Top Chart App Toy Blast Inspired Template, relaunched on Sellmyapp with a more smooth gameplay & enhanced features. 
● Developed in Unity, required version Unity 5.5
● Amazing graphics and Gameplay Inspired by Toy Blast
● Well Monetized Template 
● Cross Platform Template for iOS & Android
● All kinds of beautiful toys; cars, rockets, stuffed toys and many more…
● 200 levels with exciting puzzles
● Admob Interstitial Ads 
● Chartboost Interstitial Ads 
● IAP purchases 
● Rewarded Videos Chartboost 
● Numerous boosters
● Get Extra Lives by watching Rewarded Video Ads
● Unlimited Retries to play a level
● Gamecenter Integration
● Sounds & Vocal Sounds
● Share your achievements on Facebook
● Free Updates with exciting new puzzles every week
● Easy Template to Reskin 

Verby Noun Toolkit

Verby Noun Toolkit - The Looty Crossy Asset

The Verby Noun Toolkit is a set of tools with sample games to help you create that next highly addictive verby noun game.
Included in the Pack:
You get character controllers programmed with the range of movement styles common in your favorite games. Enemies with distinct A.I behaviour. A bunch of ready to use assets. And, sample game code for you to follow along with. The perfect recipe for quick high-quality game creation.

Cycle Pro Manager | Source Code

Features and Requirements :

- Perfect physics effect
- 3D models, give you the most fantastic riding feelings
- Bike climb racing skills!
- Simple to play but challenging to master
- New stories coming soon!
- Beautiful level design
- Intelligent competition
- Real sense of speed
- The cycling game for mobile
- Easy to play.

2 Cars Complete Game Templete

- Ready to publish, web, desktop and mobile optimized.
- Clean and well organized C# code.
- State Based manager system.
- Flat design.
- Easy for reskin.
- Scores, and increasing difficulty.
- Simple sound effects free to use.
- Unity Ads implemented.
- Unity Analytics implemented.

Panda & Fruit Farm

Panda Bear needs to harvest the fruits on his farm before being attacked by pests. In order to harvest, he needs fruit baskets, which can only keep 6 fruits at a time. The number of baskets is limited so in the process of collecting fruits, he has to find more baskets. That can be tricky! The Panda will need to overcome challenges such as obstructing vines, tornados, poisonous spiders and worms that can get in the way of the fruit harvest.
Features :
- Support Unity 5.3.4 or high.
- Vungle ads / Unity ads / Admod ads / Pubcenter ads.
- In app purchase.
- Facebook connect, share.
- Leaderboad Facebook.

Dinosaur Bone Digging - unity 2D

Dinosaur Bone Digging

Educational and entertaining collection of mini games, including puzzles, fishing and bone digging and cleaning games. Interactive map and creative gameplay enable fantastic user experience.
- 4 ways to collect bones and solve the dino puzzle:
* 1.DIGGING UP BONES – dig up holes and excavate dinosaur bones!
* 2. FISHING FOR BONES – fish out fossils from the ocean!
* 3. EXPLORING THE CAVES – use a flashlight to discover the bones in the dark
* 4. CLEANING THE BONES – clean the bones using special tools and then arrange
the bones into a dino puzzle!
- MINI GAMES – 2 exciting mini games you can play in order to proceed to the next level,
once your dinosaur puzzle is completed!
- AdMob and Unity Ads integrated.
- Rate integrated.

Frenzy Farming - unity kit

Frenzy farming is the answer to all your needs. This is a unique time-management strategy game kit which allows you to design and play hundreds of different levels with different missions, themes, objectives and properties. 
* This is a complete game template with Menu, Shop, Map, Objectives, Pause, Report and 10 Game scenes.
* Unity video Ads and AdMob ad sdk are integrated to help you have a better monetization strategy for your investment.
* Unlimited number of levels & missions.
* Advanced export interface to sell the farm items. - Daily/Hourly prize widget included!
* Easy to monetize, perfect to learn.
* Fully commented source code in C#
* Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Standalone platforms.
* Can be used as a base to prototype similar farming games.
* Simple and highly addictive time-management game-play
* Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game at no time!
* Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)
* Extremely flexible to reskin and re-master.

Happy Glass - Draw Lines

Happy Glass – Draw Lines is New Draw Line Puzzle game. The glass is sad because it’s empty. Your job is to draw a line to make the glass filled up with liquid and smile again!
- 100 Levels with more coming soon!
- Fun and relaxing theme that will make you stay for quite some time!
- Simple, smart and fun puzzles but can be challenging too!
- Dynamic Mechanism. Draw lines freely to complete levels!
- Simple Code.
- Easy to reskin.
- Easy to modify.
- Easy to add levels.
- AdMob Integrated.
- Made and Supports Unity 2018.

Squad vs Zombies

a strange toxic substance has entered the city and the inhabitants of the city have almost turned into zombies.
The Zombies are very ferocious and can destroy anything that prevents them.
– 8 soldier with different skill and strength.
– 9 type of zombies with different ability (freeze unit, suicide bombers…)
– 3 skills you can using.
– Diversity upgrade systems (health, damage, range, critical…)
– There are many diversity quests to earn more gold and gem.
– Get your free ward every day. 
– Over 40 level. The difficulty of each level will be increased, requires you must have a great skill to complete.
– You will get gem and gold after complete each level, the reward will be increased after each level and you will get more reward if you complete the level with more star.

– With the library system, you view detail of zombie’s information, this will help you have reasonable tactic to kill every zombie.